The central fabric of the Argall brand and service is our cohesive, progressive and inclusive culture. It fuels our sense of expression, creativity, innovation and communication, and is the cornerstone of our people-focused service.

The Kulin Nation and all elders on whose land we work. The artistic spirit of Mirka Mora who worked here before us. Our own progressive, diverse and socially-inclusive work environment. Our impact on community with our public-focused project work. Our aspiration to assist community not-for-profits.

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Our company culture, attitudes and way of working underpins all our relationships with employees, clients and other stakeholders alike, regardless of professional capacities, gender or cultural backgrounds.

It is this culture of developing long term internal employee and external client relationships that inspires and creates things within our business that cannot be planned. We believe that cultivating and investing in such a culture is equally as important as fiscal growth and will see our business prosper into the future.

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Our Built Environment

We believe greatly in investing in a built environment that eschews the monochromatic, sterile office environments of engineering offices of the past. We recognise both the direct and indirect positive impact a creative space has on our office culture and productivity and the fulfilment of our staff.

It is our good fortune to be located within Mirka Mora’s Rankins Lane studio – a much loved Melbourne artist who lived and worked for a number years in the heart of the city. As part of our redevelopment of that space, we have protected her artwork painted on the walls to inspire our own desire for creativity.

Our open light-drenched space not only welcomes social interaction, but also inspires design collaboration, and is a perfect reflection of the Argall brand as a whole.

Hence, our investment in the best tools, complementary work stations, state-of-the-art engineering software, well-equipped facilities to host guests and clients, as well as being proudly powered by 100 per cent renewable energy.

That we are able to work on the lands of the people of the Kulin Nation is indeed a great privilege, and we pay our respects to all Elders past, present and emerging.

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Our Working Environment

There is no hierarchy or competition within our work environment because our proud, diverse and socially inclusive work environment encourages an informed and shared approach to problem solving.

Our supportive work environment allows for different perspectives – varying insights, faster problem solving, increased creativity, better decision-making and constructive feedback. As we continue to grow, our intention is to bring greater gender diversity into our business to increase those perspectives and build a truly global workforce intelligence.

Everyone at Argall has a stake in its projects, which means everyone is free to contribute, everyone shares the successes, everyone shares the responsibilities and every Argall team member is responsible for maintaining those standards and building Argall’s reputation for excellence.

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Our Investment in People

Argall is a people business. We understand that it is people who make projects, and accordingly, we recognise everyone’s potential – their potential to innovate and their potential to effect positive change within the execution of our projects and globally across our business.

We want to work with people who share our goals and values, and equally, we want to give everyone the opportunity to thrive professionally and see themselves as valuable members of our working environment and culture.

Our hiring and investment in staffing is never transactional. We hope to evolve our business alongside the evolution and development of our people and create long term collaborative relationships that see both the success of the individual and the wider business as a whole.

As the business grows, there will be opportunities for driven staff to take on more responsibilities, leadership positions and even ownership. As well, we provide financial rewards and incentives for our staff to assist in finding new like-minded people to join our team.

Every investment we make in our team is ultimately an investment in our business.

Everyone benefits.

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Our Approach to Building Trust and Understanding

Trust and understanding are key to our work and we believe that comes from being heard, respected, and understood. Trust and understanding are essential for transparency and for creating a synergy of productive, collaborative, innovative thinking. This then leads to opportunities for the growth and success of each of our team members, our projects and our business as a whole. Furthermore, a successful team and business will help build public trust and lead to long-term positive relations with our current and future clientele.

We Work With Great People