Construction Engineering and Temporary Works Design

Our temporary works design experience extends to numerous project disciplines across general construction, as well as the arts and performance sectors.

Across the construction sector we have been engaged to assist with construction engineering and temporary works design both directly by builders working on projects and by consultants through design and construct arrangements. Some of the work we have undertaken in this sector includes, but has not been limited to:

  • Redesigning lift cores and complicated steel frames in aid of accelerating and simplifying erection sequencing.
  • The redesign of other precast concrete elements to simplify sequencing.
  • Redesigning complex steel frames to a post-tensioned designed concrete superstructure where the speed of construction was critical.
  • In the COVID era of affected supply of materials and cost escalation, redesigning steel and timber frames to reflect the most cost-efficient and readily available materials.
  • Designing protection screens for structures and scaffolds in close proximity to powerlines.
  • Non-standard crane pad and propping designs using a combination of proprietary propping systems and structural steel.

Our work across the arts and performance sectors has seen us involved in everything from custom art installations, arts and music concerts and events as well as major music festivals.

  • The design of custom modular space frames and structural elements that work cohesively with lighting designers and architects / stage designers to aid construction sequencing as well as enable them to be repurposed as part of future installations.
  • First principles design assessment of active and dynamic art installations.
  • The structural assessment of existing structures to be utilised as part of new installations or as part of primary structure. Also, the assessment of existing structures to support new installations either hung or installed over suspended floor.
  • Footing design for proprietary stage and lighting frames.