Argall is a structural and civil engineering consultancy with a vision for end-to-end uncompromising service, sustainable design and working with inspired people to instil structural intelligence into aesthetic and functional concepts.

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Our Story

We are passionate about design and working with designers and builders alike, to rethink the application of existing engineering and building techniques to create combined structural and aesthetic forms, that are both cost efficient and environmentally sustainable.

We are the next generation of structural engineering practices with an energy and innovation for change. We take on all design opportunities without limiting ourselves to outdated and unimaginative structural engineering processes and practices, our wellrounded experience across a number of different project disciplines, providing the necessary balance.

Our service is imaginative and forward-thinking, and is aimed at encouraging long-term and non-transactional working relationships. Importantly, our service understands and values architectural vision, allowing us to develop intellectual property and processes with our clients, and encouraging our employees to feel both professionally and personally supported to initiate creative concepts and techniques.

In breaking with traditions, our work reimagines how the structural engineer is viewed. By proactively working in partnership with the principal designer, Argall believes such cohesive interaction can give a project inherent value.

Message From The Director

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Argall is committed to delivering innovative public structures and spaces that will enrich communities with its environmentally-sustainable design practices. Our holistic approach to engineering and architectural cohesiveness, as well as the rich working culture of our team and our inclusive interactions with everyone involved, is aimed at providing an uncompromising level of service that will ensure long-lasting, nontransactional collaborative relationships with all our clients and project stakeholders.

Next Generation Thinking

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Pragmatic Responses

Thinking from the client’s perspective:

We enjoy the challenge of meeting the design demands of our client’s, from both an architectural and environmental perspective.

We break from traditional structural engineering documentation practices with the use of colour and perspective images which enables our clients to better interact with their projects throughout the design process and to visualise the design potential. Our process ensures that every proposed structure incorporates optimal functionality within its design aesthetic.

As a non-transactional business, we want to develop long-term working relationships with like-minded people to build collective intellectual property and find efficiencies that will help our our clients.

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Fluid Intelligence

Thinking from the designer’s perspective:

We recognise the early fluid design phase of a project is the critical time at which we can provide the best value to both our client and the project globally. This is the phase in which we can enrich the aesthetic and functional design response with structural intelligence and provide essential design advice on optimising the value and maximising the potential of the design.

By consistently involving our clients throughout the design phase, we are able to propose transformational, cost-effective and value-add concepts while dynamically adopting our services and skills to each individual project.

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Sustainable Design

Thinking from the environment’s perspective:

At Argall we strive to best understand the energy inherent to the structural material and construction process used in our designs and understand the value of assisting designers and clients to facilitate the most effective use of energy within their structure.

In addition to advising our clients on the theory and practical application of embodied energy of materials and construction methodologies in their projects, we also have a detailed understanding of our these apply to Green Star accreditation and where points can be gained.

We are also constantly looking for new advancements and technologies to find the most sustainable structural solutions using the most efficient of materials. Communicating our discoveries and encouraging engagement in our industry and work is our way of staying in touch with a fast-changing and evolving sustainability sector.

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Value & Functional Design

Thinking from the contractor’s perspective:

While pre-existing engineering concepts and design can be challenging to approach as a secondary consultant, our work in this sector has enabled us to develop strong relationships with builders to explore more cost efficient and practical solutions.

Argall brings to the table a strong and wide-ranging understanding of structural materials and construction methodologies which can be utilised to enhance any value management review process and help provide a practical application of our in-service design potential through a traditional design engagement.

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Inspirational Structures

Thinking from the community’s perspective.

At Argall we aspire to put people ahead of profit and to create structures and spaces that can be enjoyed by the many and not just the privileged few.

We are passionate about working in the public sector to create landmarks of architectural and sustainable design that not only enrich and provide value to the community, but inspire the public to patronise them.

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A Creative Approach

Thinking from our own perspective:

Our approach to building design is to always search for a unity of concept, form, function, materials, human sensitivities and the fulfilment of the end user group.

From the outset, we work closely in partnership with our architectural clientele to creatively respond and contribute to their design because working together expands and enhances the design strategies for both form and function.

This collaboration ultimately leads to better buildings making our approach significantly different from most of our peers. It underscores our passion for architecture and design.