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Festive Celebrations for the Argall Team

With the festive season in full swing the Argall team and their partners made their way out to a winey tour through the Yarra Valley for a well deserved Christmas celebration.

Acting like a bunch of Maniax

The Argall team with long-time pal and contributor Sam Williams from PJA went primal and hit up Maniax for the evening. Unfortnley Nahom couldn’t join


Argall was founded in 2017 by Andrew Gall, an engineer with a passion for complex design and breaking the mould. His work experience as a senior structural engineer across a variety of project disciplines made him realise there was a real need for a bespoke people and service-oriented structural engineering consultancy that would inspire sustainability practices and innovation often lacking in big companies.

This is over and above his experience in traditional procurement roles, his work with builders in the design and construct field, managing projects in sport, tertiary education, the arts and zoological fields, as well as community, commercial, residential and multi- residential enterprises. With such a wealth of knowledge and understanding of different design methodologies, he has the expertise to challenge the status quo in his new venture.